Ben Grant

Ben Grant

Artist's Statement

“My paintings explore the potential for meaning in simple, bold, and colorful combinations of shape and dimension. I look at my paintings as an evolving whole whose constituent components will continue to shift, drop out, or be added to as I explore the boundaries of my process. I paint the modular units that make up the pieces separately and then combine them in the studio to create strings of information that take on the form of a visual syntax. As I combine the elements of my pieces, I am building relationships that speak not only to the internal logic of the single piece, but also to the larger structure of the abstract language that is present in the whole body of work. 
For me, the stripe is a complex unit that functions in many different ways within my paintings. The stripe acts as a means to contain and juxtapose color, as a structural element, a way to create space, a direct reflection of a process, an element of language, and a way to refer to my feeling of kinship with those who have come to the use of the stripe in their own way. The colored bands in my paintings are applied using a myriad of different techniques including rolling, brushing, spraying, and tearing. Each application and its resultant visual counterpart carry echoes of every day materials such as fabrics, custom cars, game boards, and carnival rides. By manipulating the panels’ surface qualities I am not only forming what I intend to be a stimulating visual experience, but am also managing a range of vernacular references that add up to a legible, but curious whole.” 

Born in Canton, NY, Grant now lives and paints in Madison, WI. His work explores the potential for meaning in simple, bold, and colorful combinations of shape and dimension. The paintings consist of modular panels that are combined to create optically stimulating and thought provoking strings of abstract information. Grant received a BFA from The Cooper Union in New York City in 2012 and an MFA at The University of Wisconsin Madison in 2013. He has had exhibitions in New York, Chicago, and Wisconsin.

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