Dylan Martinez

H2O/SiO2, Blown Glass, 12”h - 15”h

Our vision has the greatest effect on our understanding of the world. Through my artwork, I create scenarios in which the viewer must question their capacity to navigate between reality and illusion. My curiosity of perception is driven by the fact that I am red-green colorblind. Having a deficit in my color vision is an alternative way of seeing. Inspired by Trompe L’oeil, H2O/SiO2 is entirely hot sculpted glass, which appear as plastic bags of water. The trapped movement of the rising bubbles and the gesture of the forms convince the eye that the sculptures are just as they seem. What is fascinating is that our desires often override our true perception of reality and you believe what you think is visible as the truth.

Dylan Martinez's stunning glass sculptures investigate the boundaries of human perception. His work challenges the viewer's expectations through manipulation of light, space, and the optical properties of glass. While influenced by traditional techniques in glass making, he constantly strives to create new ways to use glass.

His Water Bag Series appear to be clear plastic bags filled with water-bubbles included- but in fact, they are molten glass. Using an elaborate process, Martinez's sculptures are made from hollow and solid sculpted glass. Once cooled, the pieces are hand-ground and polished. The finished sculptures range from 11" to 15" in height.

Martinez holds an MFA in Glass from Ball State University and a BS from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. His work is shown and collected nationally and internationally. In the last year, the artist enjoyed exhibitions in New York, Switzerland, and Italy. Martinez is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Enrico Bersellini Award in Milan, and the Stanislav Libensky Award in Prague. His work has been included in several notable publications including Interior Design Magazine, Room Diseño American, Craft Magazine and Aesthetica Magazine.