Flora Langlois

Flora Langlois

An excerpt from an essay written by art historian Gabriela Sáenz-Shelby:

Flora´s works lay between the boundaries of the natural and the imaginary worlds; frontiers that she transforms in enlightening and creative metaphors. Nature itself is her ultimate inspirer. She observes, selects and classifies objects from the natural world. Then she activates her imagination and searches through her own experiences to bring forward fantastic beings that fill her scenarios. Also, the objects she studies and collects acquire alluring and allegoric personalities. In her paintings and drawings, seeds take human form, while chimerical figures start to appear camouflaged within fabulous sceneries to play and divert. A variety of animals may also inhabit the fictional environments painted and drawn in exquisite detail. Somehow whimsical and seemingly detached from earthly desires, figures and beings gather together to play in natural landscapes, mostly forests as beholders and containers of countless stories.

Langlois has been the recipient of several awards, has been featured on television shows in her native country Costa Rica, and has illustrated books. Her paintings are in public and private collections across the US as well as in Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Latin America.

Selected Collections

Museo de Arte Costarricense, SanJose, Costa Rica; Lackner & Saenz Corp., SanJose, Costa Rica; Don Jose Figueres, Former President of Costa Rica; Commission for Mario Gonzales Chapel: Stations of the Cross, San Jose, Costa Rica; Plaza de la Cultura, San Jose, Costa Rica; Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee, WI; Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee, WI; Miller Art Museum, Sturgeon Bay, WI; Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI; The Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, WI; Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, WI; Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art, Sturgeon Bay, WI.