Guzzo Pinc

Statements made by painters have to be among the funniest genres of writing in the world. I think that one of the main reasons people become painters in the first place is because, for some reason, words failed them at an early age. Over the course of my life I have been constantly struck with how bizarre and unexpected are the explanations we give about our own work. When we talk about our art to each other it is as if 3 year olds were describing their dreams. Generally, in these explanations, there are remarkable narratives, and even worlds of ideas... that don’t make any sense at all —- that no one else in the world would ever guess at —-BUT, the power of art is not in dictation, and it is also not in making sense. I do not want you to see in my paintings what I see. I want you to see what you see. Art is about a deeply felt nonsense. We, as people, are constantly in search of rationale and clarity, but there are other things... And it is a strange fact of life that deep down nothing makes sense. It simply appears and then disappears... ...just like we do.