Katie Musolff

New Works

Watch Katie Musolff talk about her art and watercolor technique as she prepares the awards for Milwaukee's Sacagawea Awards.

Katie Musolff

Here [along the Mississippi], I discovered a richly layered natural world teaming with specimens to collect and stories to tell. Making this work is like being a kid again - going outside to find what little adventures lay beyond the back door and coming home, to the studio, jacket pockets packed with treasures.                                                              -Katie Musolff

An astute observer of the natural world, artist Katie Musolff paints plants and animals that she finds along the backwaters of the Mississippi River. Her current body of work, River Journal, consists of meticulous watercolor and gouache paintings that concentrate on the beauty of her surroundings. Always working from direct observation, Musolff aims to capture the sense of wonder that drew her into her subject in the first place.

A graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art Design with a B.F.A. in painting, Musolff has exhibited across the country and has received numerous awards in her field. She makes her home and studio in Western Wisconsin along the Mississippi River.