TL Solien - Forest Fighters / Black Eye Joke

September 13 - October 12

Madison-based artist TL Solien became a fixture in the realms of Neo-Expressionism, Neo-Surrealism, and New Image Histories. Since the late ’70s, Solien’s practices have been linked to the continuing evolution of figural painting through his compositions of impeccable, doleful narratives charged with signs, symbols, and tropes mimicking socio-political culture. 

Solien's new body of work, "Forest Fighters/Black Eye Joke," continues this tradition by pulling viewers into his disquieting orbit of sardonic still lifes, landscapes, and portraiture.

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Mythic Menageries

October 18 - November 23

Contemporary artists actively explore the possibilities of animal and naturalist imagery to fabulist ends. Whether these works serve as allegory, political commentary, imaginative world-building, or psychological metaphor, the results demonstrate a magical or fabulist resonance. Exhibiting Artists include Christina Bothwell, Mark Chatterley, El Gato Chimney, Laurie Hogin, Dudley Huppler, Flora Langlois, Charles Munch, Michael Noland, Anne Siems, Aniela Sobieski, Brook Slane, Hunt Slonem, Fred Stonehouse, Tom Uttech, Robin Whiteman, and John Wilde

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John Wilde – 100

November 29-December 28

Tory Folliard Gallery celebrates the career of well-known Wisconsin artist John Wilde (1919-2006) with an exhibition titled John Wilde – 100.  This important exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of the artist’s birth and includes drawings and paintings from 1940-2005.

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