John Wilde: The Early Works

November 19 – December 31
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 19 from 1 - 5 pm with a talk by Dr. Robert Cozzolino at 3 pm

John Wilde, a major figure in Wisconsin Art and a leader in the American Surealism movement called Magic Realism. A painter, printmaker, and one of the great draftsmen of our time, Wilde pulls the viewer into his own personal dream world where the common becomes uncommon. His mastery of silverpoint gives his drawings unusual depth and richness rarely seen in a technique known for its fineness and detail.

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Surreal … So Real

April 15 – May 28

Opening Reception: Friday, April 15 (Gallery Night) 5-9 pm

An outstanding group exhibition of painters and sculptors whose work explores Surrealism in contemporary art. Themes of the subconscious mind, fantastic imagery, and strange juxtapositions are elements of Surrealism today and continue to influence many contemporary art forms.

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The New Still Life

April 25 – May 24, 2014

Gallery Night and Day: April 25 & 26

The New Still Life celebrates one of art’s greatest themes with a range of techniques from photorealistic to abstract by the Midwest’s best sculptors and painters. The exhibition includes glass sculpture by Beth Lipman and Stephanie Trenchard and new paintings by Melanie ParkeClare Malloy, Lon Michels, Jeffrey RippleDennis Nechvatal, and John A. Sayers and vintage works by John Wilde.

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Summer in Wisconsin

July 12 – September 6 , 2014

Exuding the energy of our favorite time of year, this comprehensive, triennial exhibition features new work by our many talented Wisconsin artists in a diverse collection of contemporary styles that range from abstract to realist.

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The Beast Within - "Images of Animals in Tattoo and Contemporary Art"

July 12 – August 31, 2013

Curated by Fred Stonehouse

The heraldic nature of tattoos has historically tied its imagery to the symbolism of animals. If one could argue that tattoos constitute a sort of “psychic armor” then this imagery and symbolism seems to make complete sense and the pervasiveness of it in tattoo design is understandable. Of course, artists are drawn to animal imagery for a host of reasons, but for this exhibition we decided to focus on animal imagery in the art of tattooists and other artists as a way to think about the possible correlations and overlaps between related practices.

This exhibition will bring together the work of a diverse group of artists, linked primarily by the fact (other than the common subject matter) that I know them all. Large scale pieces from the renowned tattooer Don Ed Hardy, the exquisite hand-colored etchings of Briony Morrow Cribbs, the boldly graphic paintings of New York tattooist Bert Krak and the Japanese inflected works of Milwaukee’s own Jon Reiter will all be part of the mix. – Fred Stonehouse

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John Wilde Remembered

November 30th  December 31st, 2012

John Wilde (1919-2006), a celebrated Wisconsin artist had widespread influence with his peers of the Magic Realism movement. His deep love of drawing was the foundation of his painting which often depicted sequences of life and death in natural settings. He rendered his surreal subjects in a highly detailed, flawless manner and he was a master of the silverpoint technique. His imagery and style continue to intrigue and inspire many artists today. A selection of prints and paintings from 1946 through 2003 will be presented.

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Tory Folliard Gallery 25th Anniversary Exhibition!

Tory Folliard opened her gallery in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward in 1988. Since then, the gallery has been an important part of the art scene in Wisconsin as well as throughout the Midwest. Please join us on Gallery Night, April 19th and Gallery Day, April 20, 2013 as we celebrate this special occasion with the opening of our biggest show yet! Sixty-seven artists have been invited to participate. Be prepared to see the very best work these talented creatives have to offer. Meet the artists and enjoy an extraordinary exhibition!

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