Current Exhibition

T.L. Solien

Forest Fighters / Black Eye Joke

September 13 - October 12, 2019

Since the late ’70s, Madison-based artist TL Solien’s practices have been linked to the continuing evolution of figural painting through his compositions of impeccable, doleful narratives charged with signs, symbols, and tropes mimicking socio-political culture.

Solien's new body of work, Forest Fighters/Black Eye Joke, continues this tradition by pulling viewers into his disquieting orbit of sardonic still lifes, landscapes, and portraiture.

Forest Fighters/ Black Eye Joke presents a broadly contextualized culture of interactive characters, engaged in the “intimacies” of interpersonal relationships, or the absence thereof. Collectively, the paintings, works on paper, and objects, will exist as “episodes,” or vignettes illuminating an “allegorically” expansive narrative, in which the subjective concerns within the depicted culture weave through interpersonal moments of intellectual and emotional crises.

-T.L. Solien

Featured Works: