Current Exhibition

Nature Morte

An Exhibition of Contemporary Still Life

July 12 - September 7, 2019
Artists’ Reception: Gallery Night, July 19, 6-9 pm

Still life painting has incredible staying power as a genre in art It has been with us since the murals of the ancient Egyptians recorded the staples of their daily diet. From the painterly glow of Chardin’s humble tabletops and the glories of the Dutch golden age to Manet’s exquisite late flower paintings and the carefully orchestrated formal rhythms of Morandi’s bowls and bottles, still life painting continues to exert a fascination on the vision of many artists. The traditions of ‘vanitas’ and ‘memento mori’ in still life have proven especially attractive to artists through the ages. The idea that we should reflect on the transience and ultimate vanity of existence has a particularly modern, even existential appeal. Other artists are simply attracted to the form of everyday objects and use them as an excuse to explore the plastic possibilities of paint and other media.
- Fred Stonehouse

Featured Artists: