Current Exhibitions

Jeremy Popelka - Gravity

October 20 - November 25

Sculptor Jeremy Popelka incorporates rich colors and textures from his sojourn in Thailand in his latest body of work. The artist's diverse group of cast-glass sculpture focus on archeological discoveries, juxtaposed against contemporary imagery.  Popelka's training with renowned Glass Artists Dale Chihuly, Marvin Lipofsky, Bertil Vallien, and Joe Phillip Meyers, has led to the development, and mastering of several, widely different techniques used in art glass including blowing, sand casting and Murrini.  Popelka has consistently delivered stunning work for the past thirty years and continues to capture the nuance, process, and labor involved in creating sculptural glass art.

Jason Rohlf - Kismet

October 20 - November 25

Jason Rohlf's immersive paintings are visual depictions of losing and reasserting a sense of control in one’s lives. Through merging the fore and backgrounds of his paintings, his work invites viewers to stand close, and be enveloped by its nuance and hues.  Vibrant and beautifully textured, his painting are explorations of surface, texture, and color. 

Originally from Milwaukee, Rohlf moved to Brooklyn in 1999. His work is represented in public and private collections across the country including a large public installation for the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York.  He was recently awarded the Sam and Adelle Golden Foundation for the Arts Artist in Residency.