Current Exhibitions

Chris Berti - Animalia

April 20 - May 26

Chris Berti's sculptures of animals and everyday objects highlight the artist's ability to instill the "spirit of living things" into his creations. Through a gradual, subtractive carving process in each found brick, tile, and stone he carves, Berti allows a form to reveal itself slowly and subtly, much like an archaeologist exposing an artifact or fossil in a rock. The resulting sculptures demonstrate the artist's reverence for the found objects by keeping their integrity in both form and material.


Ron Isaacs - Fiction / Nonfiction - New Trompe l'Oeil Painted Constructions

April 20 - May 26

Contemporary Trompe l'Oeil techniques continue to surprise viewers in Ron Isaac's beautifully painted wood sculptures. The artist’s convincing representations of vintage clothing, plant materials, and time-patinated found objects come together in visually rich, and often surprising combinations to suggest metaphors for the relationships of human life and nature, memory, and the passage of time.