Current Exhibitions

Mark Forth - New Paintings

December 4 – January 12

Delving into a realm of stillness and shadow, Mark Forth's paintings portray antique furnishings, austere architecture and eerie lighting. These objects become interpreters for mute figures that stand, crouch, or recline impassively in softly lit, cinematic scenes of private reflection and the surreal.

Jim Rose - New Structures

December 1 – January 12

Primarily working with steel found in scrap yards across the Midwest, Jim Rose employs furniture-making techniques to create beautiful Shaker design and Gee's Bend quilt influenced work. The Gee's Bend quilts, known for their pattern and narrative qualities, were made by women in Gee's Bend, Alabama, beginning in the early 20th century. Unique to Rose is his sensitivities to boundaries between fine art and craft, resulting in striking structures and furniture that is both utilitarian and artistic.

Mark Mulhern - Mostly People

October 19 – January 12

Continuing in Gallery Two through January 12.

Exhibition Catalog available with 54 pages and 20 full-color plates.

Mark Mulhern’s figurative paintings, monotypes, and drawings are immersive displays of the human experience. Each expressionistic work encourages the viewer to enter into a realm of the real and imagined, where the Artist’s gestural characters engage in mundane acts of sipping coffee and walking dogs in a park, to more sumptuous moments of attending lavish parties and strolls through Parisian flea markets.