Melanie Parke and Mary Jones Exhibitions Receive Writeup On Urban Milwaukee

The Tory Folliard Gallery’s two latest exhibitions, of works by Melanie Parke and Mary Jones, provide a warm and colorful respite from Milwaukee’s unseasonably cold March temperatures.

The title of Parke’s exhibit “Dew,” suggests spring and renewal; a welcome concept to many Wisconsinites at the moment. In her artist statement, Parke, who lives and works in Michigan, sees dew as something with “a kind of magical quality, as if coming out of nowhere.”

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Craig Blietz's HERD Exhibition Receives Write Up On Door County Pulse

A parade of cows from Sister Bay has been making an impact in West Bend.

In what is being described by the staff at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) in West Bend as a midcareer breakout show for Sister Bay artist Craig Blietz, his latest body of work encompasses what the artist refers to as the symbols, signs and emblems of where he lives. The exhibit of 23 new works is called Craig Blietz: Herd.

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John Wilde Included In Exhibition At The Arts Club Featuring Midwestern Surrealists

The small yet potent exhibition, A Home for Surrealism: Fantastic Painting in Midcentury Chicago at The Arts Club of Chicago, features the work of eight artists from the 1930s through the 1950s. The title does double duty, referring broadly to the city’s embrace, by collectors and institutions, of European Surrealism, and specifically to a group of artists who shared the same aesthetic sensibilities, often using the home as subject matter —Gertrude Abercrombie, Ivan Albright, Eldzier Cortor, Harold Noecker, Julio de Diego, Dorothea Tanning, Julia Thecla, and John Wilde.

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Mark Mulhern Exhibition Reviewed On Urban Milwaukee

The impact colors have on the psyche has been well-documented. Different colors can evoke emotions and affect moods: Reds incite excitement (and appetite, which is why many restaurants are painted that color); greens convey peace and tranquility; certain shades of blue are calming and invite introspection.

Artist Mark Mulhern uses a wide and vibrant color palate to move his audience and enliven his paintings in his latest exhibit, “Mostly People,” on display through November 24 at the Tory Folliard Gallery in the Third Ward.

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