Laurie Hogin Interview From UK Publication Bizarre

Many times in the artistic world we come across extraordinary things, strange things, shocking or simply that they leave you to the void without knowing what emotional path to choose. The first time we saw the works of Laurie Hogin we definitely felt trapped by a mixture of adoration and many questions. A world so colorful and so full of life, but we do not talk about life in its perfectionist image, we talk about real life, the one that catches you, the one that has its good and evil and the one that grabs you, squeezes, the one that you love and hate at the same time and most importantly ... you can not stop living it, because the connection you have is so strong that what happens happens, you keep holding her hand. And if we have to describe what we feel at the moment of seeing the works of Laurie Hogin, perhaps it would be just the moment to squeeze this hand and realize that it is not something else, but life itself.

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Urban Milwaukee Spotlights Tom Uttech Painting Acquired By MOWA

The Museum of Wisconsin Art recently acquired a large-scale painting by influential Wisconsin landscape artist Tom Uttech, purchased with funds raised from the museum’s 2019 Art Ball.

Held June 15, the Art Ball honored Uttech, presenting him with the Hyde Award, an award which “recognizes individuals and organizations for their significant influence on the Museum of Wisconsin Art and the future of Wisconsin Art. Tom Uttech is the first artist to receive the award,” according to the Tory Folliard Gallery, which has represented Uttech for 27 years.

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Lon Michels' Room At Saint Kate Featured In Chicago Tribune Article

Leopard spots — thousands of them, in a multitude of colors and sizes — cover just about every nook and cranny of one of the 219 guest rooms in Milwaukee’s new Saint Kate hotel, opening Tuesday.

“You have to sign a waiver that if you stay in this room and nine months later you have a child covered in leopard spots, we’re not responsible,” joked Lon Michels, the Wisconsin artist behind the room’s unorthodox, Instagram-darling design.

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Jessica Calderwood Featured In American Craft Magazine

How much of our true selves do we show to the world? When we look at others, do we see who they really are? Can we ever know what lies beneath the surface?

In her enameled paintings and jewelry, Jessica Calderwood captures imaginary characters in private moments and intimate places, with unguarded gestures: face in hands, fingers in mouth, belly button in extreme close-up. Surreal and enigmatic, her portraits have humor, attitude, and charm, but they’re also unsettling, for what they reveal and what they don’t.

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Richard Taylor Sculpture Honoring Workers Of The Milwaukee Road Railroad Shops To Be Installed On The Hank Aaron State Trail

The public art project will be visible to thousands daily on the Hank Aaron State Trail at the corner of W Canal Street and W Milwaukee Road. It will be a powerful reminder of the 100+ year legacy of an era gone by, the Milwaukee Road and and its dedicated employees.

Designed by local artist Richard Taylor, the five silhouettes were modeled after actual historical photos of railroad workers, a tribute to them and their impact on Milwaukee and the country. The tallest sculpture which is 14 feet tall includes a solar-powered LED crossing sign which will call attention to the piece at night.

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Melanie Parke and Mary Jones Exhibitions Receive Writeup On Urban Milwaukee

The Tory Folliard Gallery’s two latest exhibitions, of works by Melanie Parke and Mary Jones, provide a warm and colorful respite from Milwaukee’s unseasonably cold March temperatures.

The title of Parke’s exhibit “Dew,” suggests spring and renewal; a welcome concept to many Wisconsinites at the moment. In her artist statement, Parke, who lives and works in Michigan, sees dew as something with “a kind of magical quality, as if coming out of nowhere.”

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Craig Blietz's HERD Exhibition Receives Write Up On Door County Pulse

A parade of cows from Sister Bay has been making an impact in West Bend.

In what is being described by the staff at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) in West Bend as a midcareer breakout show for Sister Bay artist Craig Blietz, his latest body of work encompasses what the artist refers to as the symbols, signs and emblems of where he lives. The exhibit of 23 new works is called Craig Blietz: Herd.

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