Mark Mulhern Exhibition Reviewed On Urban Milwaukee

The impact colors have on the psyche has been well-documented. Different colors can evoke emotions and affect moods: Reds incite excitement (and appetite, which is why many restaurants are painted that color); greens convey peace and tranquility; certain shades of blue are calming and invite introspection.

Artist Mark Mulhern uses a wide and vibrant color palate to move his audience and enliven his paintings in his latest exhibit, “Mostly People,” on display through November 24 at the Tory Folliard Gallery in the Third Ward.

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Craig Blietz 'Herd' Exhibition at the Museum of Wisconsin Art

Herd, the artist’s first solo exhibition at MOWA, features a new body of work of twenty-three paintings that depict his beloved cows. Created specifically for MOWA’s white cube gallery, Blietz’s heroic cow parade is the perfect marriage between barnyard chic and SoHo hip. As seen in Helianthus, Blietz places his impeccably drawn cows front and center, allowing them to float in a depthless background of muted agrarian symbols, such as sunflowers, corn stalks, and barns.

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Fred Stonehouse's Night Vision Exhibition Featured in the Shepherd Express

There’s a lot of Fred Stonehouse in Fred Stonehouse’s latest show, “Night Vision,” at Tory Folliard Gallery (through Saturday, Oct. 13). Many of his recognizable artistic alter egos—the pop-surrealist, punk-folk, and generally irreverent figures—are clearly on view, but there’s also a lot of Fred Stonehouse the individual lurking inside them, too.

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