Jeremy Popelka and Jason Rohlf Exhibitions Reviewed in the Shepherd Express

Jason Rohlf’s paintings are abstract, yet conjure ideas of maps or stories. In the exhibition “Kismet,” on view at Tory Folliard Gallery, endless rings of circles, rows of arches, hanging diamonds and more play out in bright acrylic colors, sometimes painted on the relatively modest materials of shop rags or tarps.

New sculptures by Jeremy Popelka in his exhibition “Gravity” are also on view, and it is a good pairing as his figurative pieces share this type of synthesis. Inspired by his recent time in Thailand, Popelka fashions masks out of glass, incorporating textured surfaces that reference symbolic concepts.

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Tom Uttech Exhibition Reviewed in The New York Times

In his “New Paintings” show at the Alexandre Gallery, Tom Uttech continues his work as the magic realist painter of environmental consciousness. His crystalline panoramas of the natural world are both magically transporting and, in one interpretation, disturbingly realistic. Mr. Uttech, who lives in Wisconsin, has perfected his encyclopedic depictions of wild things and their north woods surroundings for decades. He says that the flora and fauna along the Canadian border inspire in him “a state of tranquil ecstasy” — and he clearly intends that we experience it, too.

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Gerit Grimm Exhibition at MOWA Featured in the Shepherd Express

Gerit Grimm claims no kinship to the brothers Grimm, but it’s fair to say her unglazed stoneware figures, fashioned on a potter’s wheel, are amazing tales each and every one. Cunningly crafted part by part, then assembled with elegance and grace, the seven distinct groupings curated by Graeme Reid populate the Hyde Gallery in the white wedge Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA), crowning a hill in West Bend, Wis.

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Gerit Grimm To Exhibit At The Museum Of Wisconsin Art

Experience the enchanting sculptures of master ceramist Gerit Grimm. Trained as a factory potter in the former East Germany, Grimm teaches ceramics at UW–Madison and has built an international reputation for her work as a nontraditional ceramist in the twenty-first century. Her figurative works – some life-sized in scale and others composed of dozens of miniature characters– draw upon fairy tales, myths, and biblical stories for inspiration. Her works are imbued with such a force of personality and intricate detail that they immediately engage viewer’s attention with their sense of timelessness.

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Michael Velliquette Featured In Capitol Times - Talks About Upcoming Exhibition At Tory Folliard Gallery

Artist Michael Velliquette creates minutely detailed installations constructed from thousands of cut pieces of paper, each textured and layered over the next.

When an exhibition closes, though, these large, painstakingly made artworks may not have another home. Some could be lost, documented only in photos Velliquette, an associate faculty member in the University of Wisconsin-Madison art department, has taken himself.

So Velliquette decided to create another piece of art.

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Jason Rohlf Featured In L'ETAGE Magazine

Meet Jason Rohlf: an innovative and talented artist of NYC, who continues to document visual sensibilities in his acrylic and collage paintings. Vibrant and beautifully textured, Jason Rohlf’s paintings are a continued exploration of surface and color, like an altered manuscript where traces of earlier layers are noticeable. Elements of collage and drawing are embedded in layers of varnish, obscuring lines and shapes that whisper secrets of their past lives.

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Mary Bero To Be Featured In Two Exhibitions This Summer At The Racine Art Museum

The first exhibition, which is currently on display and will run until August 27, 2017 is called The Box Project: Uncommon Threads. 

Taken from the Racine Art Museum website:

Organized by the Cotsen Foundation for Academic Research (CFAR) with RAM, this traveling exhibition presents works commissioned by Lloyd Cotsen between 2004 and 2013 together with 22 large-scale fiber art pieces on loan.

Combining the box project commissions—all works that fit within a 14 x 14 or 14 x 23 inch box—and large-scale works with interviews, material samples, maquettes, correspondence, and concept sketches, the exhibition offers insight about the artists and their processes. It showcases their exploration of material and concept, their willingness to push the definitions of fiber, and the dynamics of the collector/artist relationship.

A related hardcover book titled The Box Project: Works from the Lloyd
Cotsen Collection
 is available now in the RAM Museum Store

MEMBERS MATTER Special Tour and Reception Event
with RAM Executive Director and Curator of Collections Bruce W. Pepich
Thursday, July 27
5:30 - 8:00 pm, Tour at 6:30 pm
$20 admission, RAM members free

Masae Bamba, Jim Bassler, Mary Bero, Zane Berzina, N. Dash, Virginia Davis, Carson Fox, Shigeki Fukumoto, John Garrett, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Helena Hernmarck, Agneta Hobin, Pat Hodson, Kiyomi Iwata, Gere Kavanaugh, Ai Kijima, Hideaki Kizaki, Lewis Knauss, Gerhardt Knodel, Naomi Kobayashi, Nancy Koenigsberg, Gyöngy Laky, Jun Mitsuhashi, Paola Moreno, Barbara Murak, Kyoko Nitta, Heidrun Schimmel, Cynthia Schira, Hisako Sekijima, Carol Shinn, Sherri Smith, Aune Taamal, Hadi Tabatabai, Koji Takaki, Richard Tuttle, Peter Weber

The second exhibition, which is also currently on display and will run through September 24, 2017 is called Small Gifts from Big Donors.

Taken from the Racine Art Museum website:

When opening boxes from donors, RAM staff have often expressed the time-honored phrase, “good things come in small packages.” Taking that saying at face value, this exhibition series focuses on the small-scale gifts of twelve significant donors to RAM’s collection. These supporters have given large numbers of artworks over the years. Thanks to their gifts combined with those from other donors, the museum now owns over 9,000 pieces, making it America’s largest contemporary craft collection.

The collectors honored in this exhibition series include Dale and Doug Anderson, Devra Breslow, Gail M. Brown, David and Jacqueline Charak, Camille and Alex Cook, Lloyd Cotsen, Robert W. Ebendorf and Aleta Braun, Daniel Greenberg and Susan Steinhauser, Jane and Arthur Mason, Donna Moog, Donna Schneier and Leonard Goldberg, and Donald and Carol Wiiken.

Throughout 2017, selections from their gifts will be featured, with four donors represented at a time. Some have also given larger size and/or two-dimensional works that do not fit the parameters of the gallery space. This gallery was chosen to offer visitors an intimate viewing and to see “at a glance” what types of work have appealed to these collectors.

Junichi Arai, Mary Bero, Brother Thomas Bezanson, Rose Cabat, Kat Cole, Ramón Puig Cuyàs, Wouter Dam, Virginia Davis, Daniel DiCaprio, Robert W. Ebendorf, Teresa Faris, Elsa Bates Freund, Albrecht Greiner-Mai, Chris Heilman, David Hopper, David R. Huchthausen, Jack Ink, Nancy Koenigsberg, Zachery Lechtenberg, K. William LeQuier, Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová, Rosemarie Lierke, Tara Locklear, Tom McGlauchlin, Harrison McIntosh, Gary Noffke, John Nygren, Bryan Petersen, Joyce Roessler, Michael F. Rohde, Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak, Jo Anne Russo, Preston Singletary, Gizella Solti, Lisabeth Sterling, Lino Tagliapietra, J. Fred Woell and Jim Cotter, Beatrice Wood, and Laura Wood

You can learn more about seeing these exhibitions by clicking HERE.