Katie Musolff Exhibition at MOWA On the Lake

Lynne Railsback and Katie Musolff: Nature Studies

October 20, 2016–January 11, 2017

(detail) Katie Musolff,  Uprooted,  From  River Journal Series, watercolor, 2016

(detail) Katie Musolff, Uprooted, From River Journal Series,watercolor, 2016

Katie Musolff and Lynne Railsback are two watercolor painters who depict the natural world in delicate and intricate detail. Musolff’s paintings of butterflies, birds, bugs, and other creatures have an Audubon-esque quality. Railsback approaches her work with a botanist’s eye, creating a colorful canon of paintings of flowers, leaves, roots, and branches. This exhibition celebrates the organic world with precision and beauty. 

Meet the Artists
Thursday, October 20 | 7:00

This exhibition takes place at Saint John's On The Lake, 1800 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202