Art Review - Chris Berti & The Figure in Clay, April 2014

Yes, art can be funny.

And that’s just a small part of what’s on display at the Tory Folliard Gallery, now inhabited by a plethora of small sculptures that are a world unto themselves. Sculptor Chris Berti is featured with a solo exhibition in Concerning Nature, and he also curated the fourteen artists in The Figure in Clay. The exhibitions are richly complementary, flowing easily from one to another. The nuances of each artist’s style and the predominately small scale of works draws the viewer in close, often revealing surprises. Tiny as many of these pieces are, don’t call them dainty.

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Chris Berti – “Whorl”

Chris Berti hand-carved Whorl, which measures 6.5×6.5 inches, from salvaged black granite.  As Berti puts it: “In nature, the stone evolves and changes, hit by rain and sun, it fades and erodes.  In a sense, I speed up the process and uncover my ideas as natural forces uncover qualities of the rock through time and energy.”  The graceful, sinuous carving suggests a visual puzzle, inviting the viewer to run hand over the captivating surface.  Chris Berti‘s sculpture will be featured at our Art Chicago exhibition March 29th through April 2nd and in a showing of his work in the gallery October 21st through November 26th.  View more of Chris Berti’s sculpture here.