Todd Olson

Todd Olson

Inspired by the French Impressionists and Fauves, self-taught artist Todd Olson creates spirited plein air paintings from life. Animated and charged with energy, Olson’s landscapes, still lifes and portraits depict the happy side of life. His joie de vivre is shown through expressive use of color and pattern.

Olson was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. His grandmother and great aunt, both self-taught artists, exposed him to art at a young age. His interest in art developed as an adult through his extensive travels abroad visiting cathedrals, museums and theatres.

Beginning his artistic career as a studio assistant to artist Lon Michels, Olson observed his mentor’s painting techniques and was inspired to begin his own painting. As Olson became a confident artist he developed his own style and vibrant color palette.

Olson’s exhibitions include the Overture Gallery, Madison, Wi, Palm Springs Museum of Art, and the University of California, Riverside, CA as well as private galleries in California and Wisconsin. In 2011 he produced and directed the documentary film, “The Last Supper by Lon Michels”. Olson currently lives in Lodi, WI, with husband Lon Michels and their dog, Bazzy.

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