• Doug Hatch – Urban Landscapes


    April 17 – May 23

    Artists’ Reception on Gallery Night, Friday, April 17 from 6 to 9 pm

    Doug Hatch is best known for his realistic paintings of urban scenes. Working in his studio from photographs, Hatch employs traditional methods of photorealism using strong diagonals, reflected surfaces, and transparent components to elucidate vibrant street scenes. Influenced by Edward Hopper and Richard Estes, Hatch is particularly interested in interpreting daily life. Vibrant, detail oriented and filled with movement, the paintings of Doug Hatch capture a place and time of day, perfectly.

  • Ron Isaacs – Other Selves: New Trompe l’Oeil Painted Constructions

    Ron Issacs

    April 17 – May 23

    Artists’ Reception on Gallery Night, Friday, April 17 from 6 to 9 pm

    In his second solo exhibition at Tory Folliard Gallery, Ron Isaacs continues his 30+ year career of constructing and painting wood to resemble architectural clothing and other antique objects. Purposely devoid of figures, Isaacs invites the viewer to question what they are actually seeing. In this master’s hands, wood appears to be fabric, and leaves and branches are actually carefully constructed details. Combining trompe l’oeil painting with master wood assembling, Isaacs presents new sculptures that quietly demand a careful look to determine their true nature.

  • Mark Forth – New Paintings

    Mark Forth

    Mark Forth’s quiet figures occupy serene interiors filled with beautiful light. A minimum of curious objects hint at mysterious questions but provide no answers. Subtle coloration and striking detail are exquisitely rendered in these poetic paintings.




  • Harold Gregor – Midwestern Master


    Known as “America’s Heartland Painter,” Harold Gregor captures the vast beauty of the Midwest in a diverse range of styles. Included in the exhibition are realistic panoramas, “Flatscapes” painted from a bird’s eye view, and his latest series of “Vibrascapes,” which fuse intense color theory with spontaneous brushstrokes.

  • The Salon Show

    Copy of toryfolliard

    July 24 – September 5

    The Salon Show is the Gallery’s biggest exhibition of the year. Featuring new work by some of the top painters and sculptors from the Midwest, the show will be installed in the lavish style of the classic salon. Participating artists are: Tom Berenz, Mary Bero, Chris Berti, Craig Blietz, Mark Brautigam, Derrick Buisch, Mark Chatterley, Terrence Coffman, Patrick Farrell, Ben Grant,Laurie Hogin, Mark Horton,Breehan James, Ed Larson, Beth Lipman,Clare Malloy, Cathy Martin, Nancy Mladenoff,Mark Mulhern, Charles Munch, Dennis Nechvatal, William Nichols, Michael Noland, Jennifer Price, Bill Reid, Jeffrey Ripple, Jason Rohlf, Elizabeth Shreve, Brook Slane, T.L. Solien, Nathaniel Stern, Fred Stonehouse, Stephanie Trenchard, Tom Uttech, Russ Vogt, Mary Alice Wimmer, and Betsy Youngquist.

  • Laura Dronzek – New Paintings

    Laura Dronzek

    September 11 – October 10

    Laura Dronzek‘s new collection of landscape and still-life paintings are intimate in size, but offer views of grand themes suggested with richly layered surfaces. The Artist says, “It is the mystery found in the commonplace, the extraordinary in the ordinary that is worth examining.” Her fictitious landscapes are composed of the most basic features: a horizon line, a sky, and a subject, but so carefully rendered, that each one is precious.

  • Flora Langlois – Paintings


    September 11 – October 10
    Flora Langlois is a resident of Costa Rica whose first inspiration is the natural world. Depicting surreal creatures and characters amidst intensely detailed tropical fauna, her paintings suggest mystical tales and magical places. “I love nature,” says the artist. “Each painting comes from my imagination or remembering a certain bug or flower. They evolve on the board spontaneously; things just emerge. It’s more fun!” This convivial outlook shines through in her work. Her new exhibition features oil paintings and works on paper.

  • Fred Stonehouse – New Paintings

    Fred Stonehouse

    October 16 – November 15

    Beautifully executed, Fred Stonehouse‘s work expresses his personal psychology and dreamlike vision as influenced by Renaissance painting, folklore, magic realism, and the unseen mysteries which abound in the world. Boundaries are blurred and the unseen is as important as the visible. New work including paintings and works on paper are included in this major exhibition.

  • John Dilg – New Paintings


    November 21 – January 2 – East Gallery
    John Dilg concentrates on the American Landscape for his visually clarified, multi-layered paintings. The essence of his subjects are captured by outlines from the colors below, evoking a sense of archaeology and meaningful message. A painting instructor at the University of Iowa for more than 40 years, Dilg has served as Artist in Residence at nearly 50 institutions including Yale University. Among many other awards, he received a Fulbright Grant to India and a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship. In 2014, The Huffington Post called him “One of 15 Artists to Watch.” This is Dilg’s first solo show at Tory Folliard Gallery.

  • Susan Stamm Evans – Unspoken


    Susan Stamm Evans continues to explore the human figure in her new body of bronze sculpture. A new edition of intimately sized Face Fragments and her latest series “Threads,” one of a kind sculptures that appear woven are featured in this East Gallery exhibition.