• “The New Still Life”

    Jeffrey Ripple

    April 25 – May 24

    Contemporary, fresh, traditional and experimental, The New Still Life includes the Midwest’s best painters and sculptors.  New work by Stephanie Trenchard, Beth Lipman, Melanie Parke, Clare Malloy, Lon Michels, Jeffrey Ripple, Dennis Nechvatal, John A. Sayers, and John Wilde are included in this show.

    Gallery Night and Day: April 25 & 26



  • Breehan James – “Way of the Wilderness”

    Breehan James

    May 30– July 5

    We are pleased to introduce the rarefied paintings of Breehan James.  A Wisconsin native, she is inspired by adventures in the wilderness including deer hunting in fall and canoeing the Boundary Waters in summer.  James earned her MFA from Yale University and has studied Norwegian landscape paintings and drawings at the National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design in Oslo, Norway  and the drawings of early Canadian explorers at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.  She is an Assistant Professor of Painting at MIAD and has shown her paintings internationally.

  • Trent Miller

    Trent Miller

    May 30– July 5

    East Gallery

    Continuing his investigation of form and color, Miller returns to the East Gallery with a new body of work inspired by the “healing machines” of Emory Blagdon.  Neither completely representational or abstract, these paintings occupy the mysterious space between real and ephemeral.



  • “Summer in Wisconsin”

    Summer in Wisconsin

    July 11 –  Sept. 6

    Exuding the energy of our favorite time of year, this comprehensive, biennial exhibition features new work by our many talented Wisconsin artists in a diverse collection of contemporary styles that range from abstract to realist and light-hearted to serious.

    Gallery Night July 25



  • Mark Mulhern – “New Paintings”

    Mark Mulhern

    Sept. 12 – Oct. 11

    This comprehensive group of new work by Mark Mulhern reflects his ongoing interest in the figure and still life. Introspective but unselfconscious, the work is filled with subtle gestures and freely painted locations that invite contemplation on the part of the viewer.




  • Cathy Martin – “This and That”

    Cathy Martin

    Sept. 12 – Oct. 11

    East Gallery

    Gallery favorite Cathy Martin returns to the East Gallery for her fourth solo show. A long time farmer in Southwest Wisconsin, Cathy Martin is a self-taught painter who is a master of observation with a command of realism.




  • Nathaniel Stern – “Rippling Images”

    Nathaniel Stern

    October 17 – November 15

    In his unique and now well-known printmaking process, Nathaniel Stern straps a desktop scanner, laptop and custom-made battery pack to his body, and performs images into existence. He might scan in straight, long lines across tables, tie the scanner around his neck and swing over flowers, do pogo-like gestures over bricks, or just follow the wind over water lilies in a pond. The dynamism between his body, technology, and the landscape is transformed into beautiful and quirky renderings, which are then produced as archival art objects for exhibition.

    For the latest in his series, Stern has worked with a team at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to design and construct a custom, open-source, depth-rated waterproof rig, so as to scuba while scanning sub-aqueous terrain – including a live coral reef on the Gulf Coast. Here the artist folds not only time and space into his printed images, but also the impacts of water and land, life and non-life, that we perform with every day: as individuals, and as a people. The resulting artworks are full of care, thought, and wonder.

    Gallery Night & Gallery Day October 17 & 18

  • Mary Alice Wimmer – “Earthly Delights”

    Mary Alice Wimmer

    October 17 – November 15, 2014

    Mary Alice Wimmer continues to enchant the viewer with her Vanitas compositions of specimens from earth, sky, and sea.  Long captivated by the natural world, Wimmer an avid traveler and collector, paints vibrant, highly detailed watercolors that convey the transient nature of life.  Also a skilled silverpoint artist, new drawings using this early Renaissance technique will be included in this exhibition.

    Gallery Night & Day: October 17 & October 18



  • Nancy Mladenoff – “The Ladies 2″

    Nancy Mladenoff

    October 17 – November 15, 2014

    Through her colorful series The Ladies, Nancy Mladenoff explores the lives of American women who have found significant roles beyond that of wife and mother.  Often unknowingly acting as mentors for other women, the heroes depicted in The Ladies are from all walks of life:  science, the arts, sports and more.  Mladenoff earned her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and teaches painting at the University of Wisconsin.  She has exhibited her work internationally, and The Ladies were included in the 2014 Wisconsin Triennial. The Ladies 2 is her first solo exhibition with Tory Folliard Gallery.

    Gallery Night & Day: October 17 & October 18