Mark Ottens

    January 9 – February 28

    Artists’ Reception on Gallery Night, Friday, January 16 from 5 to 9 pm

    Artists’ Talk on Gallery Day, Saturday, January 17 at 1 pm

    Seven contemporary artists use color and abstraction to define space and structure.  Artists include Tom Berenz, Derrick Buisch, Ben Grant, Mark Ottens, Jeremy Popelka, Jason Rohlf and Richard Taylor.

    • The paintings of Tom Berenz blur the lines between realism and abstraction and imaginatively discuss ideological issues
    • Derrick Buisch’s decades long practice of maintaining sketchbooks with ideograms of ordinary objects has resulted in distinct images of graphic motifs with surface tension
    • Ben Grant forms a visual syntax with strings of information in the shape of color and pattern to build complex relationships within his paintings
    • Mark Ottens finds new ways to express the outer limits of color and depth in his highly intricate, many layered, intimately sized paintings
    • Jeremy Popelka blows vibrant, contemporary forms in glass using the ancient technique of Murrini
    • Jason Rohlf incorporates elements of collage and drawing embedded in layers of paint and varnish in his rhythmic paintings
    • Richard Taylor’s dynamically painted aluminum three dimensional and wall sculptures integrate the Midwestern landscape, poetry, and jazz.
  • Mary Jones: New Work


    February 14 – March 14

    Focusing on the details of daily life and childhood memories, Mary Jones’ cartoon like figures have an insightful character with a serious edge influenced by the Chicago Imagists.  Fanciful at first glance, further study reveals the more serious side of life through bold strokes of paint and subtle touches of collage.



  • James Winn: New Paintings


    March 7 – April 11

    Artist Reception: Saturday, March 7 from 1 to 4 pm

    Long known for his far and wide horizons imbued with beautiful light, the Midwest master James Winn returns with a new body of work filled with the magic of nature’s beauty in a photo realistic style. His new body of work includes large scale panoramic landscapes from the Midwest and upstate New York.


  • Doug Hatch – Milwaukee Series


    April 17 – May 23

    Artists’ Reception on Gallery Night, Friday, April 17 from 6 to 9 pm

    Doug Hatch is best known for his realistic paintings of urban scenes. Working in his studio from photographs, Hatch employs traditional methods of photorealism using strong diagonals, reflected surfaces, and transparent components to elucidate vibrant street scenes. Influenced by Edward Hopper and Richard Estes, Hatch is particularly interested in interpreting daily life. Vibrant, detail oriented and filled with movement, the paintings of Doug Hatch capture a place and time of day, perfectly.

  • Ron Isaacs – New Sculpture

    Ron Issacs

    In his second solo exhibition at Tory Folliard Gallery, Ron Isaacs continues his 30+ year career of constructing and painting wood to resemble architectural clothing and other antique objects. Purposely devoid of figures, Isaacs invites the viewer to question what they are actually seeing. In this master’s hands, wood appears to be fabric, and leaves and branches are actually carefully constructed details. Combining trompe l’oeil painting with master wood assembling, Isaacs presents new sculptures that quietly demand a careful look to determine their true nature.