Betsy Youngquist – Extreme Beader

“Children with their vast capacity for wonderment weave tales of gossamer, create magic kingdoms, all from meager means, passing through invisible portals to lands of untold enchantment.  As we follow the Yellow Brick Road in quest of Emerald Cities, those portals become hidden to us, removing our access to the wonderland within.  For me creating art is a way to return to the looking glass and reenter the garden where flowers whisper and birds can talk.  I find my inner child through these beaded characters as they emerge and bring with them tales from the other side of the mirror.” ~Besty Youngquist

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Michiko Itatani – Mistress of Cosmic Wanderlust and the HyperBaroque

We are pleased to be showing the phenomenal paintings of Michiko Itatani.  New to Tory Folliard Gallery, but a dedicated painter for over 30 years, Itatani also “believes in fiction’s ability to express her deepest truths and concerns.”  Using a fictional and symbolic space, she condenses experienced and imagined multi-layered events by “gathering fragments from experiences, events, documents, literature, history, science, myths, and customs.”  Though these jewel like paintings are diminutive, from 5×5 through 8×10 inches, they are worlds unto themselves.  Filled with detail and light, they show the mastery and imagination of their creator.

Meet Michiko Itatani at the opening reception of The Object Transcended on Saturday, December 3rd from 1 to 4 pm.

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