Beth Edwards - Urban Art Mural - Summer, 2014

Beth Edwards, FUN IN THE SUN, Memphis, TN

Beth Edwards, professor of art at the University of Memphis was awarded a commission for an Urban Art Mural on the equipment storage building in Willow Park in Memphis, Tennessee.

Beth Edwards, FUN IN THE SUN, Memphis, TN

Edwards photographed people from the neighborhood to compose a celebration of nature and the athletic activities on the park’s ball fields.

Beth Edwards, FUN IN THE SUN, Memphis, TN

These photos are now painted portraits on the four mural walls. The work is titled Fun in the Sun and is intended to serve as a magnet to bring people into the

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Tom Berenz at Giertz Gallery, Parkland College through March, 2015

Tom Berenz, CAKE FLIGHT, mixed media on canvas

Tom Berenz is having a solo exhibition entitled Presently Absent at the Giertz Gallery at Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois. Opening, February 12 with an Artist Talk, Presently Absent runs through March 31, 2015.

Tom Berenz, CAKE FLIGHT, mixed media on canvas

Parkland College’s Giertz Gallery is located at 2400 West Bradley Avenue in Champaign, Ilinois.

For more information, contact the Giertz Gallery at 217/351-2485 or

Mark Chatterley at Uttarayan Art Foundation in India - December 2014


Sculptor Mark Chatterley recently participated in the 20th International Sculpture Symposium in Bronze & Stone. Held at the Uttarayan Art Foundation in Jaspur-Baroda, India, the design he submitted was chosen to be carved in stone and poured in bronze for the Foundation’s private museum.

Mark Chatterley’s sculpture design in the clay stage of the bronze process for the Uttarayan Art Foundation

Mark Chatterley’s sculptures encased in slurry in preparation for mold making in the bronze process

The Uttarayan Art Foundation provided materials, tools, and assistants for the stone version

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Keith Jacobshagen painting in Smithosonian Collection – February, 2015

Keith Jacobshagen, AUGUST CICADAS, 18x46 inches, oil on canvas

Congratulations to Keith Jacobshagen. AUGUST CICADAS, an 18×46″ oil on canvas painting, was recently accepted into the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC.

Keith Jacobshagen, AUGUST CICADAS, 18×46 inches, oil on canvas

The American Art Museum’s Mission: The Smithsonian American Art Museum is dedicated to collecting, understanding, and enjoying American art. The Museum celebrates the extraordinary creativity of artists whose works reflect the American experience and global connections.

Jim Rose and Mark Forth featured in American Craft - March, 2015

Jim Rose

Gallery Artists Jim Rose and Mark Forth each have work featured in the article “House of Tales” in American Craft’s March, 2015 issue.

Jim Rose – Hot Rolled and Found Painted Steel Quilt Cabinet


Mark Forth – Oil on Canvas over Panel

Trina May Smith exhibit at Ripon College through March, 2015


Signifiers and Imposters, an exhibit of new paintings by artist Trina May Smith, will be on view January 30 through March 15 in the Caestecker Gallery, C.J. Rodman Center for the Arts, on the Ripon College campus. A talk by the artist will begin at 7 p.m. Jan. 30 in the Rodman Center lobby. An opening reception will follow in the gallery.

CHROMA is Art City Gallery Night Pick – January, 2015


By Mary Louise Schumacher for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Chroma, Tory Folliard Gallery

233 N. Milwaukee St.

Friday 5 to 9 p.m.; Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For a middle-of-winter rush of color, this show will feature seven abstract artists who use color with abandon and conceptual subtlety. The artists include Tom Berenz, Derrick Buisch, Ben Grant, Mark Ottens, Jeremy Popelka, Jason Rohlf and Richard Taylor.

Rohlf has created a work in collaboration with one of my favorite local artists, Greg Klassen, and this experiment alone will drive

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CHROMA featured in Milwaukee Magazine - January, 2015

Tom Berenz, GARDEN ABOVE THE LAKE, Acrylic, Oil, and Spray Paint on Canvas, 60 x 72"

The exhibition CHROMA was featured as a “Best Bet” in Milwaukee Magazine’s January issue. Here is what editor Clare Hanan had to say:

Tom Berenz, GARDEN ABOVE THE LAKE, Acrylic, Oil, and Spray Paint on Canvas, 60 x 72″

Color Rush Bright, permeating and myriad colors can often be curative in an oppressively cold environment. This month, works of all shades fill Tory Folliard Gallery, including those of metal sculptor Richard Taylor, along with Jason Rohlf’s geometric, dizzying acrylic paintings and Derrick Buisch’s oil abstractions. Jeremy Popelka’s amoeba-like glass sculptures will provoke and perplex. And Continue Reading …

Tom Uttech Art Review in Ubran Milwaukee Dial – December 2014

Tom Uttech, NIN BINASSAWAGONDAW (965), Oil on Board, 15 5/8 x 18 3/8″

The Strange Beauty of Tom Uttech’s Paintings: Now at the Tory Folliard Gallery, they capture a kind of North Woods that doesn’t really exist, though we might wish it did.

By Rose Balistreri – Dec 19th, 2014 for Urban Milwaukee Dial

The paintings of Tom Uttech immediately bring me back to my early adolescence. Back then I almost lived at the library. Good old Llewelyn Library in Bay View was the perfect antidote to sharing a room with a younger sister and an older brother right next door, not to mention the other two siblings downstairs, with the TV always on and a

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Tom Uttech Featured in Washington Post Art Review - December 2014

Tom Uttech, Enassamishhinjijweian, 2009, Oil on Linen, 103 x 112 inches. From the Collection of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Art review: ‘The Singing and the Silence’ at Smithsonian American Art Museum

For the Washington Post, by Mark Jenkins, December 18, 2014

Humans have always admired, and even emulated, birds. They want to fly like them, sing like them and, in the finest of clothing, approach the beauty of their plumage.

But humans have also always killed birds, even annihilating whole species.

The Singing and the Silence: Birds in Contemporary Art” at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, ponders both the admiration and the devastation. The exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon, a species that may have numbered in the billions when

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