Exhibition Catalog for Fred Stonehouse's The Promise of Distant Things ​from the Museum of Wisconsin Art

Click on the image below to view the exhibition catalog for Fred Stonehouse’s The Promise of Distant Things ​from the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

Exhibition Catalog of Wilde's Wildes ​from the Museum of Wisconsin Art

Click on the image below to view the exhibition catalog for Wilde’s Wildes ​from the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

Fred Stonehouse on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Sep 2015


Who would make art like this? Meet Fred Stonehouse

by Emily Talapa September 21 2015

Dream of the Marsh Potatoes, by Fred Stonehouse

  A black bear is suspended over a waterfall and inky tears are falling from his eyes, from his body, running down his chest and off of his clawed toes.

A demonic bat creature soars through moss-draped trees, his nostrils flared and his nub teeth bared.

A bearded man is chest-deep in a thick marsh, his lips wrapped around the body of a fish, tears of green sliding down the side of his head.

These are paintings of disturbing images that are disturbingly

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Fred Stonehouse in M Magazine September 2015

race for the sun

Meet the Marschmeister: Wisconsin Artist Fred Stonehouse

“For an artist who has shown his work in cities such as Paris, Berlin, and Milan, Fred Stonehouse‘s greatest influences are drawn from a place closer to his roots, namely his home right here in southeast Wisconsin. But make no mistake about it, Stonehouse is no docile landscape painter.”

“While it would be easy to write off Stonehouse’s art as ‘eccentric,’ there’s plenty of substance behind the surrealism. It’s not quite unlike another one of his influences: fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Even Humpty Dumpty makes an appearance, though he appears ‘almost demented’ in a scene before his predestined

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Fred Stonehouse in the Shepherd Express - September 2015


The Dream Logic of Fred Stonehouse Modern master of surrealism at Museum of Wisconsin Art

By Tyler Friedman Shepherd Express Sep. 22, 2015

Art historians will tell you that surrealism emerged in early 20th-century Europe. With respect to the artistic and cultural movement this is certainly accurate, but the basic surrealist impulse knows no geographic or temporal limitation. For as Sigmund Freud—the patron psychologist of surrealism—showed, irrationality is a powerful and indelible force in human nature.

So it should come as no surprise that, though artistic movements come and go, the world is no

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Terrence Coffman in the Shepherd Express – 2015



Painter engages with places from across the world By Kat Minerath

Terrence Coffman studies interesting places: Galway Bay on the coast of western Ireland, South Dakota, even the expansive views of Jefferson County from his studio. From those starting points his canvases take interesting turns as they veer inward, toward an intimate engagement with mark making and color.

The Charles Allis Art Museum is showing about 40 paintings in “Recent Works by Terrence Coffman,” and though landscape is foundational, these are not postcard images. The artist pulls back from naturalistic representations, save for a few pieces with defined figures,

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Secrets seen: John Wilde’s private collection at MOWA - 2015


Wisconsin Gazette Written by Kat Minerath, Contributing writer Thursday, 13 August 2015

The night is coming on in “Eventide at the Duchess’s.” The sky glows orange with an apocalyptic burn, familiar in the paintings of artist John Wilde (1919–2006). The sunset bathes a wild bunch of cavorting bodies. Some couples embrace and others face off, while in other vignettes single figures dot the improbable landscape. A woman lounges on a gigantic leaf as another balances on a beach ball floating in water, or on a head sticking up from the ground. In the distance, with striking nonchalance, is the painter who busies himself working at his easel.

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Giverny of the Midwest: A Conversation with Artist Nathaniel Stern - Lake Effect - July 2015


If you missed Nathaniel Stern talk about his artwork with Bonnie North on Lake Effect, you can still hear the interview HERE.


“Nathaniel Stern’s intensity is palpable. The media artist always has multiple bodies of work going on simultaneously, he’s a Fulbright scholar, a professor of art, a parent. Talking with him, you get the impression he never stops thinking about, or exploring, art and life.

Stern’s current exhibition at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend is called Giverny of the Midwest. The work has had previous

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Tom Berenz: Toward the North at Purdue University - 2015

Red Flower Ashes 72

Tom Berenz will have a solo exhibition of his recent paintings called “Towards the North” at Purdue University this fall.

September 1 through October 10, 2015 Fountain Gallery, downtown Lafayette

Thursday, September 3, 5:30 pm Join us for a gallery talk by Tom Berenz in Fountain Gallery, with a reception to follow.

“Tom Berenz uses the disaster motif as a metaphor to discuss personal, socio-political, environmental and ideological issues in his large mixed media canvases. Through the motif of disaster, he explores the existential self and examines personal narratives, with some being more literal and others more enigmatic. The imagery is in constant flux, but always

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Tory Folliard showcases a strong roster Salon-style - Wisconsin Gazette - July 2015


Reviewed in the Wisconsin Gazette, July 30, 2015

By Kat Minerath

T.L. Solien, THIRST, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas, 24 x 26″

To be completely enveloped in art, simply visit the Tory Folliard Gallery. The Salon Show is a powerful presentation of the gallery’s roster, presenting 40 artists and more than 100 pieces. More importantly, it’s a perfect opportunity to appraise some of the Milwaukee and regional scene’s more prolific artists.

The Salon Show’s title is a reference to the classical Paris Salon, an annual art exhibition held nearly every year from the late 17th to the late 19th century. To be included as part of the

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