Mythic Menageries : EXPO Chicago


Friday, September 20 / 11am - 7pm Saturday, September 21 / 11am - 7pm Sunday, September 22 / 11am -6pm

Please join us in Booth #274 at Navy Pier!

Contemporary artists actively explore the possibilities of animal and naturalist imagery to fabulist ends. Whether these works serve as allegory, political commentary, imaginative world-building, or psychological metaphor, the results demonstrate a magical or fabulist resonance. Exhibiting Artists include Christina Bothwell, El Gato Chimney, Laurie Hogin, Michael Noland, Anne Siems, Aniela Sobieski, Fred Stonehouse, Tom Uttech, and Robin Whiteman.

Featured Works

Christina Bothwell

El Gato Chimney

Laurie Hogin

Michael Noland

Anne Siems

Aniela Sobieski

Fred Stonehouse

Tom Uttech

Robin Whiteman