Michael Velliquette - Beginner’s Mind

September 15 – October 14, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, September 15 from 5-7:30pm
Artist's Talk: Saturday, September 23 from 1-2pm

Best known for his elaborate low-relief paper sculptures, Michael Velliquette returns to this medium in his upcoming solo exhibition. Velliquette hand-cuts small, simple paper shapes and assembles them into complex forms akin to three-dimensional mandalas. The formal symmetry, balance, and order of these works are meant to evoke the rhythm and repetition of breath. Velliquette forgoes his prior use of vibrant color, instead employing an emotionally restrained palette of tans, grays and whites. Beginner’s Mind refers to an approach to living without preconception—a sensibility that characterizes the skillfully simple posture Velliquette brings to this new series.

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The Salon Show

July 7 - September 9, 2017

Artists' Reception: Gallery Night, Friday, July 21 from 5 to 9pm

The Salon Show is the biggest exhibition of the year at the Tory Folliard Gallery. Showcasing painting, sculpture, and photography from an impressive list of exhibiting artists including: Rodger BechtoldMary BeroCraig BlietzMark BrautigamDerrick BuischJessica CalderwoodMark ChatterleyRobert CockeMarion CoffeyTerrence CoffmanLaura DronzekAndy FletcherMark ForthBen GrantHarold GregorGerit GrimmDoug HatchKathy HofmannRon IsaacsKeith JacobshagenMary JonesClare MalloyNancy MladenoffMark MulhernCharles MunchKatie MusolffDennis NechvatalWilliam NicholsMichael NolandMelanie ParkeBill ReidJason RohlfJan SerrElizabeth ShreveBrook SlaneTrina May SmithClaire StiglianiFred StonehousePaula Swaydan GrebelRichard TaylorStephanie TrenchardTom UttechMary Alice Wimmer and James Winn.

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Claire Stigliani - Dream Within A Dream

June 2 - July 1, 2017

Artist's Reception on Friday, June 2 from 5:30 - 8pm with an Artist Talk at 6pm

Claire Stigliani creatively expresses ideas of femininity, sexuality, beauty, desire, and female empowerment in paintings and drawings, puppet theaters and videos. In a timeless space filled with historical portraits, literature, and pop-culture references, Stigliani places fairy tale like characters often based on her own personal identity.

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June 2 - June 30, 2017

Artists' Reception Friday, June 9 from 5:30 - 8pm with  Artists' Talks at 6pm

The Tory Folliard Gallery is pleased to present Winnowers, a group exhibition of emerging, young artists. The "Winnowers" are recent graduates of the University of Wisconsin - Madison Fine Arts Program.  We wish to thank Fred Stonehouse for introducing the Gallery to these talented artists.

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Jim Rose - New Work

March 18 - April 15, 2017

Artist's Reception: March 18, from 2 - 5pm with an artist talk at 4pm

Jim Rose combines timeless American traditions in beautifully hand crafted contemporary steel furniture and sculpture.  Inspired by the colorful quilt work of the Gee’s Bend Quilters, Rose employs fine woodworking techniques to create furniture made from sheets of steel and scrap metal. Like remnants of cloth that preserve family memories in quilts, the discarded scraps of metal add rich color, texture and history to Rose’s highly functional designs.

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T.L. Solien – The Foreseeable Past

April 21 – May 27, 2017

Opening Reception: Gallery Night, April 21, 5-9pm

T.L. Solien entertains the paradox of “The Foreseeable Past” by imparting a contemporary perspective on classic narrative images from the annals of art history.  A self-described artist of the “absurdist cultural critique,” Solien invites you in with brightly colored compositions filled with farcical figures and fanciful objects.  Once engaged you realize all is not as it seems, you have entered a world where belief turns to disbelief,  the annunciation becomes the renunciation and the course of history is altered.  Paintings, collaged works on paper and mixed media cut-outs will be on view.

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James Winn – New Paintings

March 18 - April 15, 2017

Artist's Reception: March 18, from 2 - 5pm

Experience the presence of nature and revel in the beauty of flowers in new paintings by James Winn. Azaleas, Irises, and Lilies take center stage in the work of this Illinois artist. In contrast to his big sky landscapes, Winn narrows the focus to bring you eye-to-eye with highly detailed portraits of flowers in full bloom. Through brilliant manipulation of light and color, Winn also creates luminous fields of blooms set against striking dark backgrounds.

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Ben Grant - We're not beginning to ... to ... mean something?

February 11 - March 11, 2017
Artist's Reception: February 11 from 1 - 4pm with an Artist's Talk at 2pm

In his recent body of work New York native, Ben Grant, continues to push the boundaries of his process as he returns to the idea of illusionistic space. While still staying true to his abstract line forms, Grant is introducing organic shapes into his complex combinations of color, shape and texture. These multilayered paintings are built up with a variety of techniques including rolling, brushing, spraying, drawing, and more as Grant explores the potential for meaning in his work.

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January 6 –  February 4, 2017

Artists' Reception: Gallery Night January 20, 5-9 pm

"The idea for this collaboration with Raeleen Kao began when Raeleen and I joked about how most of her work revolved around hair while most of the characters in my work were bald. Seemed like a perfect reason to collaborate. I suggested that she do a number of hair drawings sans figures, empty wigs essentially, and I would react to what she had drawn by adding figures."

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Laurie Hogin – Implacable Demons and Better Angels

January 6 –  February 4, 2017

Opening Reception: Gallery Night January 20, 5-9 pm
Artist's Talk: Saturday, January 21 at 2pm

Bizarre and beautiful, Laurie Hogin’s allegorical paintings raise issues of consumerism, sexism, and environmental degradation. Rendered in the hyper-realistic style reminiscent of 17th-century Dutch masters, neon-colored animals populate overgrown, idealistic landscapes or pose as the subject of a portrait. Hogin’s paintings are filled with images of snarling bunnies, maternal monkeys and other creatures affected by the industrial, pharmacological, political, and economical forces.

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John Wilde: The Early Works

November 19 – December 31
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 19 from 1 - 5 pm with a talk by Dr. Robert Cozzolino at 3 pm

John Wilde, a major figure in Wisconsin Art and a leader in the American Surealism movement called Magic Realism. A painter, printmaker, and one of the great draftsmen of our time, Wilde pulls the viewer into his own personal dream world where the common becomes uncommon. His mastery of silverpoint gives his drawings unusual depth and richness rarely seen in a technique known for its fineness and detail.

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Beth Lo - Inheritance

December 3 – December 31
Artists' Reception on December 3rd, 1-3pm

For over thirty years Montana artist, Beth Lo, has created playful vessels and figurative sculpture in porcelain.  Drawing inspiration from issues of family and her Chinese-American background, Lo celebrates and sometimes satirizes traditional Asian aesthetics. Lo also finds inspiration from the day-to-day challenges of parenting, and uses the image of a child to symbolize innocence, potential and vulnerability.

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Charles Munch – Human Nature

October 21 – November 26

Opening Reception: Gallery Night October 21 from 5 – 9 pm
Artist's Reception: Saturday, October 22 from 1 - 3pm. Informal talk 2pm

Inspired by his life in rural Wisconsin, Charles Munch’s paintings continue to be a meditation on man’s complex relationship with nature. Munch uses bold, graphic lines and carefully composed compositions to evoke questions and suggest situations. These deceptively simple landscapes embrace a world where nature’s balance is restored.

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Exhibition Dates: July 9 – September 10

Artists’ Reception: July 22 from 5 – 9 pm (Gallery Night)

This biennial exhibition highlights the extraordinary talent in Wisconsin art featuring paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints and photography by the state’s best known contemporary artists.  It is the Gallery’s largest and most diverse exhibition of the year.

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Craig Blietz - Calendar

June 3 – July 2
Opening Reception: Friday, June 3 from 5 – 7:30 with an Artist Talk at 6:15
Focusing on the rural environment of Wisconsin, Craig Blietz paints the iconic farm animal and is best known for his depiction of cows. Capturing far more than just the exterior beauty of his subjects, Blietz finds that these animals offer marvelous anthropomorphic opportunities.

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Surreal … So Real

April 15 – May 28

Opening Reception: Friday, April 15 (Gallery Night) 5-9 pm

An outstanding group exhibition of painters and sculptors whose work explores Surrealism in contemporary art. Themes of the subconscious mind, fantastic imagery, and strange juxtapositions are elements of Surrealism today and continue to influence many contemporary art forms.

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Terrence Coffman and Richard Taylor Pop-Up Exhibitions at the Pfister Hotel

Friday, April 1 - Saturday, April 30

Artists' Reception on Gallery Night, April 15th from 5 - 9pm

The Tory Folliard Gallery will display pieces at the Pfister Hotel by Wisconsin artists Terrence Coffman and Richard Taylor. Coffman’s abstract paintings are based on memories of landscapes of Wisconsin and Ireland. Known for his expressive brushwork and bold use of color, Coffman’s work captures the spirit of the changing landscape. A sculptor and painter, Taylor presents two directions in sculpture: three-dimensional wall sculptures based on farm images and abstract “Standing Sentinels” in painted steel.

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