M I C H A E L  N O L A N D

Influenced by traditional American scenes and Chicago Imagism, Michael Noland molds a vision that is uniquely his own. In his paintings, Noland creates vitality through exaggeration in form, repetition of line, and saturation of color. Common views and unique animals seem both darkly surreal and amusing. Flowers pulsate with life and colors reverberate with an electric charge.

Noland grew up in Oklahoma, received his MFA from Ohio State University, and moved to Chicago after graduation.  Besides his numerous gallery exhibitions, the artist has enjoyed over ten museum exhibitions across the country. Noland is a recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship.


Where does your inspiration come from?

Nature has always been my inspiration. The sky, storms, the landscape, animals and flowers have always interested me. Most of my paintings are drawn from these memories and or visions.

How long have you been painting in this style and how would you describe it?

I have been painting in this style for the past 30+ years. I am not interested in "realism" in my paintings but am very interested in objects and a sense of place. I tend to think of my paintings as more real than reality. To me the world is much more interesting after it is processed thru my "prism" or my way of looking at the world.

Can you talk about your outsider art collection and how that influences your work?

I have been collecting outsider art for 36 years. I knew many of the artists I collect and spent a lot of time with them. Their art reminds me that my paintings should come from my heart and soul. Outsider art has has been my spiritual guide.

What direction do you see your work moving in next?

Oddly enough my work has been becoming more abstract at times recently. I think in the future I will continue along this line and see where it takes me.