Bill Reid – “Dist Ants, Bent Rules, and Dodos”

Dist Ants, Bent Rules, and Dodos, a new painted steel sculpture which measures 21x15x7 inches, is Bill Reid‘s latest whimsical commentary in 3-D.  A stylishly dressed anteater pushes around a fanciful array of ants who are busy creating lifesavers for the dodo bird in the cart.  This charming menagerie inspires delight and wonder in all who behold it.  The creatures, painstakingly cut and shaped from steel and exquisitely covered with fantastical painted details have individual personalities, but are united in their efforts.  More of Bill Reid’s work, including large scale will be featured in our Summer in Wisconsin exhibition, which takes place July 1 though September 3rd.  Please click here to see more of Bill Reid’s creatures.