Fred Stonehouse's Night Vision Exhibition Featured in the Shepherd Express

There’s a lot of Fred Stonehouse in Fred Stonehouse’s latest show, “Night Vision,” at Tory Folliard Gallery (through Saturday, Oct. 13). Many of his recognizable artistic alter egos—the pop-surrealist, punk-folk, and generally irreverent figures—are clearly on view, but there’s also a lot of Fred Stonehouse the individual lurking inside them, too.

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Fred Stonehouse Featured On Juxtapoz Website

Often encompassing religious or surreal contexts, his paintings are a materialization of his nostalgia for familiar cartoon figures of the past, blended with the artist's own delicate balance of humor, beauty and derangement. The artist, a Milwaukee native, has enjoyed over fifteen museum exhibitions across the country including a retrospective at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and has been featured in Blab and other magazines.

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Fred Stonehouse - Journal Sentinel - December 2015

With incredible skill, Fred Stonehouse embraces the weird

The title of Stonehouse's retrospective at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, "The Promise of Distant Things," describes the mystery of viewing these paintings perfectly. We can't comprehend everything the artist conjures, but he is assuring us that this knowledge isn't that far away, is perhaps tucked away in some bizarre nook of the work.

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Fred Stonehouse on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Sep 2015

A black bear is suspended over a waterfall and inky tears are falling from his eyes, from his body, running down his chest and off of his clawed toes.

A demonic bat creature soars through moss-draped trees, his nostrils flared and his nub teeth bared.

A bearded man is chest-deep in a thick marsh, his lips wrapped around the body of a fish, tears of green sliding down the side of his head.

These are paintings of disturbing images that are disturbingly relevant to your life. This is the art of Fred Stonehouse.

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