Jeremy Popelka and Jason Rohlf Exhibitions Reviewed in the Shepherd Express

Jason Rohlf’s paintings are abstract, yet conjure ideas of maps or stories. In the exhibition “Kismet,” on view at Tory Folliard Gallery, endless rings of circles, rows of arches, hanging diamonds and more play out in bright acrylic colors, sometimes painted on the relatively modest materials of shop rags or tarps.

New sculptures by Jeremy Popelka in his exhibition “Gravity” are also on view, and it is a good pairing as his figurative pieces share this type of synthesis. Inspired by his recent time in Thailand, Popelka fashions masks out of glass, incorporating textured surfaces that reference symbolic concepts.

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Jason Rohlf Featured In L'ETAGE Magazine

Meet Jason Rohlf: an innovative and talented artist of NYC, who continues to document visual sensibilities in his acrylic and collage paintings. Vibrant and beautifully textured, Jason Rohlf’s paintings are a continued exploration of surface and color, like an altered manuscript where traces of earlier layers are noticeable. Elements of collage and drawing are embedded in layers of varnish, obscuring lines and shapes that whisper secrets of their past lives.

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CHROMA featured in Milwaukee Magazine - January, 2015

The exhibition CHROMA was featured as a "Best Bet" in Milwaukee Magazine's January issue. Here is what editor Clare Hanan had to say:

Tom Berenz , GARDEN ABOVE THE LAKE, Acrylic, Oil, and Spray Paint on Canvas, 60 x 72"

Tom Berenz, GARDEN ABOVE THE LAKE, Acrylic, Oil, and Spray Paint on Canvas, 60 x 72"

Color Rush

Bright, permeating and myriad colors can often be curative in an oppressively cold environment. This month, works of all shades fill Tory Folliard Gallery, including those of metal sculptor Richard Taylor, along with Jason Rohlf’s geometric, dizzying acrylic paintings and Derrick Buisch’s oil abstractions. Jeremy Popelka’s amoeba-like glass sculptures will provoke and perplex. And Mark Ottens’ multilayered, psychedelic paintings will offer a study in painstaking self-discipline. Collectively, it’s a remedy with just enough burn to get those neurons firing again. (Claire Hanan)

➞ Chroma (Jan. 9-Feb. 28). Tory Folliard Gallery. 233 N. Milwaukee St., 414-273-7311,

Jason Rohlf – A Preview of his Upcoming Exhibition “Soundings”

The term sounding refers to taking a measurement in deep water or the process of observing and analyzing atmospheric conditions. Jason Rohlf‘s new series, Soundings reflects his interest in exploring these ideas through paint and collage.  Although he is working on flat surfaces, his asymmetrical, organic compositions suggest space, movement, and a compelling energy, perfectly balanced through color and texture.  The work in Soundings is a continuation of Rohlf‘s keen observation, imagined measurements, and Soundings is Rohlf‘s fifth solo exhibition with Tory Folliard Gallery.

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