Derrick Buisch



Derrick Buisch

“The work of Derrick Buisch directly references many of the punk doctrines he first discovered as a youth in the 1980s. For almost 25 years, Buisch has participated in the creation of “zines”— self-published and limited run works of imagery and text reproduced quickly and inexpensively via photocopier — which continue to influence his current studio practice. Whether looking at Buisch’s hand-painted Monsters or his silkscreened Studio Notations, each image is a continuation of an ongoing dialogue with fabrication techniques used within both fine art and punk culture. The influence of music can also be seen in aspects of his work. For instance, many of Buisch’s paintings feature colors and compositions that mirror those found on LPs, band stickers, or liner notes.
Nonetheless, Buisch’s paintings and drawings should not be defined strictly within the periphery of homage to punk music or culture. Instead, they should be seen as artifacts that define a specific place and time within contemporary society. Pedestrian objects such as cranes, maps, and crowns populate his compositions and form the basis of a visual language that addresses an overly stylized and commercial landscape.
While many of Buisch’s artworks appear effortless, they are the result of a process involving meticulous recreation of sketches by means of projecting and tracing. In this way, Buisch’s artworks mirror the way that punk music masqueraded as simplistic. Like punk, a façade of simplicity allows Buisch’s artwork to act as inclusive, as well as subversive.” ~Marc Mitchell

A painting professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1997, Buisch has exhibited in many national and regional museum exhibitions including the James Watrous Gallery, the 2014 Wisconsin Triennial, and University Gallery of the Center for Art & Theatre at Southern Georgia University.

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