Derrick Buisch | Artist Spotlight


D E R R I C K   B U I S C H

Please click on the image to view more work from the artist

Please click on the image to view more work from the artist

Brilliant color combinations provide jolts of positive energy in works by Derrick Buisch. Vibrating lines morph into playful monsters and pop culture symbols in his abstract visual vocabulary. Buisch's paintings are meant to be visually engaging and potentially unnerving as he combines evocative imagery with moments of uneasy hilarity.

Derrick Buisch is a Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Wisconsin - Madison where he teaches a variety of art courses, including Color Theory and Painting.  He has had an exciting year, his work was selected for the 2016 Wisconsin Triennial, an exhibition showcasing significant themes being addressed by contemporary artists, and he received the prestigious Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for Painters and Sculptors.

Buisch's paintings have been an electrifying presence in the Tory Folliard Gallery since 2011.

To read more about the artist in his own words, please see below:

"As a self-described "Painter" I consistently seek out new ways to experiment within the narrow avenues of paint on canvas. Certain marks, signs, scribbles, gestures are repeated by means of projection, stencils, and transfers. A vocabulary of visual chatter celebrates the distortions, interruptions, and interference within the painted surface. These works are very straightforward, taking on subjects like imaginary monsters and fantastic buildings. The blunt, naïve nature of the subjects serves as an easy foil/mask, allowing for a range of rich experimentation with paint chemistry, color, installations, and scale. The physical properties of the medium are constantly stressed, questioned, tweaked, and recalibrated to keep the working visual vocabulary fresh and inventive."

-Derrick Buisch