Claire Stigliani MMOCA Exhibition Review from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Doomed love and fractured fairy tales dominate Claire Stigliani's vision. Her artwork is an imaginative reflection on longing and transgression.

Stigliani sees herself as an artist doomed to indirectly reflect her world, too, and her visions are mediated through layers of objects and mediums in the show. The exhibit features five distinct cycles, or series, each presented through a group of drawings, paintings, video and three-dimensional puppet sets.

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Claire Stigliani Exhibition, Dream Within A Dream, Featured in Shepherd Express

When I finish a work, I have to distance myself from it. I never want to be the center of attention, and though I hope my work sells (running a gallery is expensive!), it’s because I want to do right by the people I’m working with. But my commitment is to my work, to the next painting I’m making, to this imaginary space that I have created for myself. So maybe it is a kind of sleeping that I’m after…a looking inward rather than outward at the world.

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