Derrick Buisch – Studio Visit

It is always a pleasure to visit the studio of a talented artist, and the painting studio of Derrick Buisch is no exception.  Not only were we happily affected by all the bright colors in Derrick’s works in progress, but we were also happy to see that he is continuing his experiments in abstraction, surfaces, and apportionment.

An asymmetrical arrangement of recent work and some possible new ideograms waiting for the next step in the process to be inducted into Derrick‘s painting vocabulary.

 Derrick Buisch is constantly combining various colors, textures, and surfaces

 Derrick is going 3-D for the UW-Madison  art department faculty show.


 Derrick Buisch in his favorite yellow t-shirt in front of his new series, “The Four Seasons”

 Derrick Buisch cleaned his studio up for us!

We can’t wait to see what the final result of this will be!