Peggy Sue Dunigan’s Preview of “The Object Transcended” from the Shepherd Express

Tory Folliard’s Festive ‘Object Transcended’

By Peggy Sue Dunigan

A festive ambiance marks Tory Folliard Gallery‘s upcoming exhibition “The Object Transcended.” This December, revel in works of glass, paint and jeweled sculptures by four celebrated women working in two and three dimensions.

Internationally known artist Beth Lipman displays two small glass sculptures along with limited-edition C-prints. San Francisco’s De Young Museum recently accepted one of her sculptures, and the Milwaukee Art Museum purchased a monumental glass installation for its permanent collection. The exquisite pieces reference the Victorian obsession with precious objects and their perceived meaning.

Betsy Youngquist molds creatures featuring cherub-like faces encrusted with fabulous jewels. These small, eye-catching sculptures and wall hangings picture the natural world in a different light, with spirit and soul.

Popular Milwaukee artist Clare Malloy captures objects through realism in oils deftly painted with soft reflections and shadows. The subject merges into the background in these works that illustrate subtle abstraction.

In her Folliard Gallery debut, Chicago artist Michiko Itatani paints what she calls “HyperBaroque” facades and interiors of Old World buildings. These miniature paintings can be viewed as tiny gems. In Starry Night, slivers of silver light transform the clayboard with the sheen of oil.

The objects featured in this exhibition, whether presented on a table, on a wall or in a painting, appear otherworldly and transcend everyday reality. Meet these accomplished artists at the gallery’s opening reception on Saturday, Dec. 3, 1-4 p.m.
aturday, Dec. 10, at 4 p.m.

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