Derrick Buisch's Monstercity Creating A Lot Of Buzz

Derrick Buisch's exhibition, Monstercity, has been making waves at the Porter Butts Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin over the past couple of weeks. Featuring Derrick's trademark "Monster Series" in LP sized 12 x 12" works as well as much larger pieces that will challenge the viewer's notions of line and color. If you are in the Madison area we highly recommend you visit Monstercity which runs through June 2nd.
You can read more about the exhibition here and here.

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CHROMA featured in Milwaukee Magazine - January, 2015

The exhibition CHROMA was featured as a "Best Bet" in Milwaukee Magazine's January issue. Here is what editor Clare Hanan had to say:

Tom Berenz , GARDEN ABOVE THE LAKE, Acrylic, Oil, and Spray Paint on Canvas, 60 x 72"

Tom Berenz, GARDEN ABOVE THE LAKE, Acrylic, Oil, and Spray Paint on Canvas, 60 x 72"

Color Rush

Bright, permeating and myriad colors can often be curative in an oppressively cold environment. This month, works of all shades fill Tory Folliard Gallery, including those of metal sculptor Richard Taylor, along with Jason Rohlf’s geometric, dizzying acrylic paintings and Derrick Buisch’s oil abstractions. Jeremy Popelka’s amoeba-like glass sculptures will provoke and perplex. And Mark Ottens’ multilayered, psychedelic paintings will offer a study in painstaking self-discipline. Collectively, it’s a remedy with just enough burn to get those neurons firing again. (Claire Hanan)

➞ Chroma (Jan. 9-Feb. 28). Tory Folliard Gallery. 233 N. Milwaukee St., 414-273-7311,

Derrick Buisch at Southern Georgia University - September, 2014

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art at Georgia Southern University presents Derrick Buisch: Off Season from August 18 – September 19 on campus in the University Gallery of the Center for Art & Theatre. The exhibition includes an artist lecture Thursday, September 18, at 5 p.m. in the Visual Arts Building, Room 2071, followed immediately by an artist reception in the gallery. The events are free, and the public is welcome.

Derrick Buisch: Off Season features imagery culled from pedestrian subjects including maps, album covers, roadside signs, and commercial products. Informed through his practice of maintaining sketchbooks, Buisch creates distinctive images that present an extensive exploration of graphic motifs. Often influenced by aspects of music, such as LPs and zines, Buisch’s paintings and drawings are simultaneously playful, celebratory, and subversive.

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Derrick Buisch – “Yellow Monster Head”

Derrick Buisch‘s Yellow Monster Head, which measures 24×24 inches is one of the ideograms from Buisch’s abstract painting language.  For the past twelve years, Derrick Buisch has focused on developing a group of visual characters which he paints singly or in combination with other symbols.  Tension is expressed by the abstracted lines of the head, the off balance placement, and by the combination of the paint colors and textures.  Slightly unsettling, but visually engaging, Yellow Monster Head is a modern version of a primordial phantom.  Click here to see more of Derrick Buisch’s ideograms.  We look forward to seeing the work Derrick will be showing in our Summer in Wisconsin exhibit which takes place July 1st through September 3rd, 2011.